Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation is the first step in an event that’s all about the love at its heart. Your clients can take the work and inspiration you provide and personalize it to their taste, giving them exactly the look they dreamed of having. With your photos, easy color correction, and the absolute freedom to edit and design texts, your clients get a stress-free personalization process.


Snapchat Geofilter

Your clients will be delighted to be able to personalize their Snapchat Geofilter independently, leading them to the one look that makes a perfect impression. Your design sensibility meets their choices for a symphony of branding perfection!


Photocollage Template.

Grant clients access to your lovingly crafted resources and let them personalize a look – even when they don’t have the knowledge and experience to use professional graphic-editing software or to describe what they want to you. With this simple online platform and its easy-to-use tools, you can help them expand their range. Your clients will have access to the purchased template for personalization immediately after they decide to buy.
Jet Template is an online platform with simple and intuitive tools to personalize photo collage templates. Your clients will have access to the purchased template immediately after purchase and will be able to personalize it.


Physical Projects

Increase the processing speed of physical orders – and save yourself time and money – when JetTemplate automates the process. Reduce the time to coordinate layouts and offer more robust personalization, too. Thanks to JetTemplate’s flexible functions, you can make templates for any physical product you like! .



Customers who buy your designs for tags can instantly personalize them right after purchase, saving you headaches as they input their own preferred spelling and spacing.



Buyers effectively create their own scale and layout, reducing negotiation times so you can increase volume – and buyer confidence.


The best way to learn about the JetTemplate platform – is to see it in action.

During the trial period, 15 days you can create and sell your templates for free!